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My Humble Beginnings

My skin was not always my interest but my skin has always been interesting.

I never dreamed of being an Esthetician, I thought that I had made my mark large enough in Nursing and was going to sail off into the sunset with my stethoscope and IV bags. I have always had small acne concerns since my teenage years, then my late 20's gave me an introduction to hyper-pigmentation. I thought I had it under control until I made a move to North Texas from Houston and my skin went completely bonkers. I went from a decent skin slate to looking like a Little Debbie Star Crunch. My breakouts were frequent and my skin hated everything that attempted to fix it.

Let me tell you, I. WAS. NOT. HAPPY. NOR. FELT. CUTE. I had to get help before I lost my skin sanity. I began researching all types of skin remedies and actually took time to look at the ingredients of what I was currently buying and using. I realized that my current regimen had many ingredients working against one another rather than helping my skin. I sought out a professional Esthetician by the name of Tiara who is the founder of Sugar Suite Lounge in Dallas, Texas. She helped me understand what my skin was actually going through and placed me on a good home regimen that would enhance her in-office treatments.

"I realized that my current regimen had many ingredients working against one another rather than helping my skin."

Since that first treatment with Sugar Suite Lounge, I have been truly addicted to skincare. I even got my first chemical peel and though it was not pretty to look at during the peeling process, the after-effects were AMAZING! I kept going to Sugar Suite Lounge and made my visits more educational versus just to get results. That process inspired me because I know many people who have shared my same struggle and worse situations. My Mother had very sensitive skin and I had to do something to personally show that there is hope for all skin concerns.That is where the idea of Mahogany Stone came from. Mahogany Stone will take the time to learn your skin and habits so that you can glow from within for more than just the day after your treatment. Your reflection will make you smile over and over again.

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