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Meet kia B.

       Mahogany Stone Skincare was created by Kia Burton, a Board Certified Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Esthetician (LE) who can both recommend a quality skin routine and perform successful skin treatments. Mahogany Stone is a holistic skincare company comprised of quality products from reputable & professional medical grade skincare companies who source their ingredients both ethically and responsibly.

        After many years of taking her skin for granted and a recent transition to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, her skin took a turn for the worst and she became intimately interested and involved in skincare. With the guidance and care of an amazing Esthetician by the name of Tiara, owner of Sugar Suite Lounge, Kia had her glow back. During that same time, Kia and her Mother, Veonia Lynn, began discussing making a skincare line that can help Ms. Lynn's sensitive skin due to Lupus. This collaborative skincare journey birthed the determination of building Mahogany Stone to help others with their own skin goals. 


       Whether you are wanting to clear acne, brighten and even your skin tone, turn back the hands of time of your skin, or just simply maintain your glow, let Mahogany Stone take care of your every need. Personalized services are delivered to each and every person here at Mahogany Stone.

 Mahogany Stone Skincare was created for and is entirely dedicated to Veonia Lynn.

May she forever rest in infinite love.

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